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From the Biblical times of the Torah and King David until today’s Modern State of Israel, against all odds, Israel has pushed forward and proudly forged a path for sovereignty and Innovation.

The original Start-Up Nation is back and stronger than ever!

In today’s 21st century the ancient unbreakable force of Israeli national pride continues as Israel as a society continues to break ground developing cutting-edge technology in all areas of society.

It is a great Honor for us to offer the exclusive Israel Flag 70th anniversary Yehoodie!

Designed by professional coaches with professional athletes in mind, the stand alone hood is especially designed to fully cover the head but only partially cover the face giving more peripheral vision than a traditional Hoodie. It also includes an extended back flap for coverage of the neck area and includes a fastener which covers the chin and front of neck for extra stability.

This patented Hood is the latest in fitness fashion and its double patent offers the following benefits:

  • Completely Independent
  • Can easily integrate with any outer garment
  • Allows for maximum stability and visibility
  • Ventilated to push sweat and moisture to the outside of the hood
  • Protects from rain, sun and wind

Learn more about the patented hood here:


Wear this latest fashion product proud and celebrate fitness, athletics & apparel.

Happy Birthday Israel from Smart Hood LLC and Celebrity Sweat Families of companies!

Happy Birthday Israel From The Celebrity Sweat Family!!

Smart Hood LLC and Celebrity Sweat wish Israel a happy 70th Birthday!

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