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Smart Hood LLC is a family owned Advertising, Holding and Distribution company based out of Chicago, Illinois. We are also a proud Rags of Honor Partner Company.

We work hand in hand with the finest universities, athletic teams, sports and fitness personalities, film and music celebrities as well as smart technology brands. Through research, strategic planning and creative tactics we connect our client’s products and services into built-in sales channels while including logistics and distribution that create immediate value for businesses along with guaranteed rapid sales growth.

We combine this raw effort together with correlating creative and a single, cohesive message to capture the attention of our client’s audiences. Our process is designed to be highly analytical, collaborative and creative, driven by our passion and love for brands and giving back to communities.

At Smart Hood LLC & ROH we don’t just do the job – we succeed!

Smart Hood LLC utilizes our in-house business development and channel experts who have access to real contacts who are genuine decision makers and open doors which are typically hard to get through. Most importantly we increase our client’s sales revenue by integrating our knowledge throughout various disciplines including branding, sales, warehousing, printing, and distribution, we can build a strategic and creative foundation for the future, a brand experience to market that reaches audiences in a whole new and meaningful way. This is how we approach every opportunity we take on.

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Regardless if your brand is a Person, Product or a Service- Smart Hood LLC and Rags of Honor are driven and committed to differentiate you from the competition and help you stand out like the star you and YOUR brand truly are.

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