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Introducing the latest innovation in athletic apparel.
The patented stand alone hoodie by SoHoodie.

Unlike traditional hoodies which are co-dependent on the garment it’s attached to, this stand alone hoodie’s patented design gives the appearance of a single garment while remaining completely independent so the hoodie can be worn with any outer garment and can easily be detached!

It’s the worlds first portable hood!  How cool is that!!!?

A Hoodie that integrates with any outer garment!

This one of a kind stand alone hoodie was designed by professional coaches with professional athletes in mind and is especially designed to fully cover the head but only partially cover the face giving more peripheral vision than a traditional Hoodie. It also includes an extended back flap for coverage of the neck area and includes a fastener which covers the chin and front of neck for extra stability.


Who’s In The Hood?

Wear it with a jacket, your favorite team’s jersey or even with a tuxedo! Wear it with anything or even on its own! In addition to the patented design the stand alone hoodie also has a unique utility patent. This extra functionality allows for maximum ventilation sending moisture like sweat from the inside to the outside of the hoodie while at the same time inhibiting moisture, sunlight, wind, & rain from penetrating from the outside in.

  • Completely Independent
  • Can easily integrate with any outer garment
  • Allows for maximum stability and visibility
  • Ventilated to push sweat and moisture to the outside of the hoodie
  • Protects from rain, sun and wind

There is nothing as magical or memorable as your brand showing up on a one-of-a-kind product worn by America’s most famous sports & entertainment personalities. The stand alone hoodie is perfect for branding athletic teams, universities, colleges, fraternities, non-profits & any organization or event. Tout your team’s mascot, colors, logo or brand on a one of a kind apparel product.